36Q Blue Hour Installation, collaborative Design & Build
36Q Blue Hour is a multidisciplinary collaborative project transcending the barrier between the tangible and the “non-material”. The piece brings audiences into an immersive experience exploring the threshold between virtual and physical spaces.

Six working groups of artists: Lighting Design, Video & Projection Design, Sound Design, Tactile Environment, Creative Coding, Virtual & Augmented Reality. 
Contributed as part of the Tactile Environment group led by artist Tereza Stehlíková. Collaborators include Fernanda Alpino, Mona Camille,  Nitish Jain, Kain Leo, Florence Mein, Amy Neilson-Smith, Babi Targino, Rachel Testard, Katja Vaghi, Kerryn Wise

Prague Quadrennial

︎︎︎ PQ 36Q

︎ Tereza Stehlíková