Promised Land, Set & Costume Designer

A work-in-progress devised performance based on the critically-acclaimed concept albums STAMPIN’ IN THE GRAVEYARD and DARLING.

Written by Elisabeth Gunawan and Matej Matejka
Directed by Matej Matejka
Performed by Elisabeth Gunawan and Orest Sharak
Music and Sound by and Orest Sharak and Jack Parris
Scenography by Mona Camille
Videography Studio Goodluck

In Kind Support Lighthouse Poole, Bloomsbury Festival, AA Interprofessional Studio, and The Electric Dreams Online Festival.

Photo: Elisabeth Gunawan as Mother and Orest Sharak as Father 

“ Promised Land begins with a barren couple: two engineers who—unable to bear a child of flesh and blood—choose to conceive a piece of artificial intelligence named Rose. At the wake of an apocalypse, when all human life has been destroyed, all that remains is Rose sifting through the memories of her parents and the human life that was. Her lone voice is a requiem to the things we have destroyed as a human race, and a hopeful challenge to everyone about our legacy to those who come after us.”