Milk & Gall, Set & Costume Designer

Written by Mathilde Dratwa
Directed by Lisa Spirling

A Theatre503 Production

MyAnna Buring and Matt Witchurch as Vera and Michael, ︎ Jane Hobson

Milk & Gall is a new play by Mathilde Dratwa taking us into the world of new mum Vera (MyAnna Buring) whilst being in the midst of the 2016 presidential election in the USA.

“ Mona Camille’s thoughtful and multifunctional set design doubles up as a hospital room and as a living room. The use of literal stagehands appearing with new props and interacting with characters as well as gasp-inducing moments of theatrical magic (no spoilers) add texture and dynamism to the set.” - The Stage

MyAnna Buring and Tracy-Anne Green as Vera and Alexa, ︎ Jane Hobson

MyAnna Buring and Jenny Galloway as Vera and Hilary, ︎ Jane Hobson

Artwork: Rebecca Pitt