Milk & Gall, Set & Costume Designer

Written by Mathilde Dratwa
Directed by Lisa Spirling
Produced by Ceri Lothian

MyAnna Buring and Matt Witchurch as Vera and Michael, ︎ Jane Hobson

“ Mona Camille’s thoughtful and multifunctional set design doubles up as a hospital room and as a living room. The use of literal stagehands appearing with new props and interacting with characters as well as gasp-inducing moments of theatrical magic (no spoilers) add texture and dynamism to the set.” - The Stage

Milk & Gall is a new play by Mathilde Dratwa taking us into the world of new mum Vera (MyAnna Buring) whilst being in the midst of the 2016 presidential election in the USA.

MyAnna Buring and Tracy-Anne Green as Vera and Alexa, ︎ Jane Hobson

MyAnna Buring and Jenny Galloway as Vera and Hilary, ︎ Jane Hobson

Artwork: Rebecca Pitt