The Tree of Objects, Set Designer

Devised & Performed by Natalie B. Wong & Arthur Astier
Design Mona Camille
Producer Nur Khairiyah bte Ramli
Lighting Design Nao Nagai
Engineer Henry Unterreiner
Building support Henry Unterreiner, Olivier Van Den Hende, Sebastian Oberste-Vorth, Natalie B. Wong, Arthur Astier, Mona Camille

Jacksons Lane Theatre
Chinese Arts Now, 2020

︎︎︎ Orang Collectif
︎︎︎ Chinese Arts Now

Commissioned by Chinese Arts Now Festival and performed at the Jacksons Lane Theater in London in February 2020, this project addresses the theme of recycling. The set makes use of found and discarded objects.
The Tree of Objects ( X+Y) is a music and movement adventure for children to discover how we can contribute to preserving our planet through prolonging the shelf life of objects by addressing themes of friendship, tolerance and recycling.

︎ Oliver Mounir,Theo Lorenz