A Walk, co-produced, designed & built

A nomadic installation, path-like, engaging people to draw relations between different locations. The experience of changing locations and the evolving installation is supported by multi-functional timber modules questioning the conventions of architecture through a dialogue with various disciplines including music, spoken word, dance, and spatial design.

Spatial Installation and Performance
Developed in collaboration with the AA Interprofessional Studio 2017/2018:
@noa_segev_ @hilashemer @lumia_rongmier @jonghyeon.bak (lead by Theo Lorenz & Tanja Siems)

Performers & collaborators:
@whoisandiehu @ania.straczynska @romanfbaca @eva_yingchi 
(Laban Choreography MA 2017/2018), 
@malgorzatadzierzon (New Movement Collective), spoken word @david.mcalmont, percussion @laminecolo

︎ Josema Cutillas

Concentrico Festival Logrono

︎︎︎Concentrico 04