Pharmaceuticals: a performance installation

Created & Co-produced by Mona Camille & Olivier Vandenhende / Director Olivier Van Den Hende / Designer Mona Camille / Performer & co-creator Vyte Garriga, Jo Moss / Filmography & edit Studio Goodluck Production

Music Dvorak cello concerto in b minor op. 104
By Jacqueline Dupré, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Supported by
National Arts Council of Seychelle / AA Interprofessional Studio London / RADA Studios London / Centre 151 London
And a special thanks to all who have supported and donated to the project

Chinese Cultural Centre, Mahe 
Seychelles Biennale

July 2022

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Commissioned by the National arts Council of Seychelles, this piece was exhibited as a video installation at the Seychelles Biennale 2022. 

Pharmaceuticals takes us into the daily lives of two pharmacists. Through the allegro of Dvořák’s cello concerto in b minor op. 104, everyday scenarios turn into extraordinary events. Filled into recuperated jars - flora, white sand and dark waters find their place next to more common pharmaceutical objects on the ‘pharmacy shelf’. As we witness the music taking the protagonists through a timeless journey - the piece invites us to reflect on (dis)connection and the place of remedies in our pandemic era.

The project is a development of the two lead artists’ research on performance with classical music and around the theme of daily activities and object theatre.