The Lost Supper, Video Artwork

The Lost Supper is a response to the experience of lockdown. It explores the notion of togetherness with the constraint of physical separation. Using Da Vinci’s fresco of the Last Supper with Jesus and his Apostles as a visual inspiration, the piece invites thirteen performers to perform alone at home. Music and video become media to create unity- all brought into a collage for one shared experience around La Grande Table- inviting audiences to reflect on what we gained as well as what we lost during the lockdown.

The Lost Supper was exhibited in the Seychelles Lockdown Biennale 2020-2021; a virtual exhibition of the National Arts Council of Seychelles.

“Martin Kennedy, Curator for the biennale, said that for Seychelles to have a significant presence in the biennale and the work of local artists to be seen by millions is something we should take pride in... Another Seychellois artist who took part in the exhibition is Mona Camille. Her work titled ‘The Lost Supper’ is a three-minute video piece which was filmed by various people around then stitched together to make a full-length video.- Seychelles Nation Newspaper

Credit List:
Concept, Design & Edit Mona Camille
Performance Direction Olivier Van Den Hende

Performers: Luntu Masiza, Simona Medolago, Jüri Nael, Agnes Oberauer, Seren Oroszvary, Liisa Saaremäel, Marshall Stay, Joshua Ransoni, Ragnar Uustal, Olivier Van Den Hende, Giacomo Veronesi, Natalie B. Wong & Mona Camille

Music: Excerpt from the 1st Movement of the Elgar Cello Concerto by Jacqueline Du Pré and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir John Barbirolli Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85, 1

Sponsored by Sarah J McDonald